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South Central church of Christ in Raleigh, NC

Spring Series Bible Study

We will use Facebook Live and YouTube Live for our Wednesday evening Spring Series Bible Study featuring some of your favorite guest ministers.


Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic we are modifying our Sunday schedule. We will assemble for 10:30am services at this time.

We will continue to use Facebook Live and YouTube Live for our Sunday morning Worship for those that are not comfortable assembling.

A very heartfelt welcome to South Central church of Christ in Raleigh, NC, where the emphasis is on “of Christ”. We are indeed a growing community of Christians from a variety of backgrounds, but seeking commonality in Jesus, the Christ of God. We extend an invitation to all seeking God’s expressed purpose for and in the church. It is an honor to be with you as you join us at this point in your journey through the complexities of life.

It is indeed an amazing time in our society, We live with terrorist threats, recalled toys, family declines, classism, racism, gender and ethnic issues, yet we still hope for the best for America . We have faced the fact that life in America is difficult, yet often more rewarding than we acknowledge.

To that end we have been guided by God to focus on the families in our community – a family often isolated, nuclear, and confused. Divorce, remarriage, blended/step families, issues along with the usual struggles in families often create so much tension and drama that the cycle of breaking up and restarting never ends.

We believe that Satan is the origin of chaos and Jesus is the Prince of Peace. We will focus on overcoming strife in families and giving peace a chance to honor God and our families, His Family! Seeking? Give us a try, and see what God is doing at South Central.

2010 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd,
Raleigh, NC 27610

Service Hours

  • Bible Study: 9:30am (Zoom)
  • Worship: 10:30am
    (In Person & Live Streaming
  • Bible Study: 6:30pm (Zoom)

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